Refresh Your Gaming Experience

Mude is a range of natural, sparkling beverages & powders with organic botanicals and active ingredients that deliver functional benefits to refresh your every mood—whether you're trying to rank up or just enjoying an immersive game.

Mude Work

Natural Taste. Natural Focus.

Want the stanima to stay locked in without the crash afterwards? Mude Work has you covered.

Mude Play

Natural Taste. Natural Energy.

Whether you're pub-stomping or just enjoying some time with your friends, stay hydrated with Mude Play and boost your vibes.

Mude Chill

Natural Taste. Natural Calm.

Kick back and relax with Mude Chill to completely escape into whatever worlds you find yourself today.

Mude Sleep

Natural Taste. Natural Dreams.

Listen, we won't tell anyone how long you've been playing. But when it's eventually time to get off, Mude Sleep is there to help wind down after a long session.